Halfway between playful and furnishing, design toys offer new possibilities to those who love childish atmospheres. What's more beautiful than giving a toy to a child? Choose one that can also accompany him in his adult life, becoming a piece of furniture, before becoming a toy again in the hand of a new child. Wooden toys are found in children's bedrooms all over the world and allow you to experience and grasp the first cause / effect relationships. A natural material such as wood, combined with attractive colors and a design suitable for the age of the little ones, ideally contributes to the development of children's motor skills and intellectual abilities.

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  • Age: 8-12 years

Baby Disco Swing Outdoor

Price €134.00

The Disco swing is a perfect outdoor activity toy - you can...

LUOTO climbing arch - Fitwood

Price €448.00

LUOTO climbing arch is a multi-functional kids’ furniture. It...

TAIMI mini wall bars - Fitwood

Price €548.00

TAIMI MINI wall bars are a kid-sized version of wall bars. The...

ULPU mini gym rings - Fitwood

Price €134.00

ULPU MINI gym rings are a kid-sized version of gym rings. The...