Dolls, Soft Toys and Puppets

Dolls, Soft Toys and Puppets are inevitable toys in the life of every little girl and boy. There always comes a time when at least one of the toys of this type is given to our child, or is requested by him. And this is right, because through the doll, the soft toy or the puppet the child carries out a fundamental activity for his own growth: that of the simulation, in which he reproduces the actions that he sees parents or relatives or people doing every day. title populate his world. With dolls, soft toys or puppets you can prepare the food and make it eat; you can dress to go for a walk or undress to go to sleep. A doll becomes like a sort of alter ego in which the roles between child and mother are reversed. A puppet becomes a friend with whom to share adventures and share emotions. Playing with a doll, holding a soft toy or a puppet to the chest enriches our child on an emotional level, helps him to overcome fears, strengthens his safety.

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