The bedroom is every child's refuge. So why not furnish it with everything a child needs and that is part of his world? Not just the bed, the dresser, the bookcase and the games: for your child's bedroom to be complete, you also need a nice desk! When your child learns to read and write it is always a great thrill for a parent. So create for your children a small space dedicated to study where they can concentrate and give vent to their creativity: a cheerful and colorful work table will make the time dedicated to homework more pleasant and drawing and coloring will be even more fun!

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Desk - I’ga Collection

Price €435.00

This children's desk is part of the I’ga collection and it is...

Desk 140 Nest - VOX

Price €392.00 Regular price €487.00

The wooden frame on which the desk rests adds nobility and...

  • -€95.00

Desk - Calmo Collection

Price €429.00

The desk is made of MDF board. It was painted with ecological...

Desk Concept - VOX

Price €410.00 Regular price €585.00

Dimensions: Depth: 60cm / Width: 128cm / Height: 76cm We all...

  • -€175.00

Desk House My Mini Home

Price €349.00

Desk House can be used for both, learning and playing. It will...

Roundabout Table My Mini Home

Price €129.00

The Roundabout Table is a piece of furniture for a child’s...

Desk 2 in 1 My Mini Home

Price €255.00

Screen-desk is an ideal place for children to engage in both...

Dollhouse 4 in 1 My Mini Home

Price €349.00

The 4 in 1 Screened Room Divider is a multifunctional piece of...

Bookcase 3 in 1 My Mini Home

Price €310.00

This folding screen is an attractive piece of furniture for...