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One of the deepest motivations of Design4Kids is the desire to find the toy that will leave a smile on the child's face and, by reflection, on that of the parents. Design4Kids is committed to the well-being of children and the planet by selecting games in wood or cardboard, wool or cotton, preferably organic, recyclable ... without ever neglecting Design. We give space to eco-friendly trend products.

For us, toys made with respect for every life involved are truly ecological: for that of nature, which must not be mutilated or poisoned to build toys, but cultivated; for that of workers, who are people who are not to be used to obtain low-cost toys, but whose dignity and rights are protected; for parents who want to offer their child safe, healthy, educational toys; for children who want a game that amuses them, brings them closer to others, that is beautiful and that lasts over time, to be able to become attached to it and one day, when they grow up, to be able to remember it.

Responsible production and consumption

We love brands that tell different stories, who are committed to producing responsibly. We support all designers who are committed to producing respecting the environment and human lives. This is what you buy on Design4Kids, products made with care by passionate designers, often in small quantities, sometimes handmade.

Design4Kids offers you the best of children's fashion but also exclusive collaborations with the best brands. Your family store offers creative and exclusive decorations, furniture and toys.

The educational game

The educational game is not synonymous with seriousness and boredom, but a pleasant pastime because it relaxes the child while his concentration is required. These toys are often also objects of design and furniture for the children's room, to grow in a warm and welcoming environment. Stimulate the mind and have fun and let your baby grow harmoniously and without worries through play. We offer a wide range of educational toys and various accessories that are very useful for the education of children. These are toys that will help them develop their skills, both during school hours, at home and with friends. Our educational games have as their fundamental principle that of proposing the game as a method of learning, a system that helps develop imagination, memory, social skills, concentration and visual perception.

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